As I laid down, communicating with YAHWEH about been distracted lately, and HE made me understand something very crucial, HE said to me the only thing I care about is the state of your heart my child, you are restless because you are learning my ways and not the religious ways you are used to.

I look only at the heart and not the appearance, you can pray and fast 365 days if your heart isn’t right it doesn’t matter what you do!

I don’t care about a lot of things you think I care about, those are just man made rules and regulations about serving or worshiping me and, HE went on to use my house as an example, when I saw the house it was beautiful new even though there were some effects I would have preferred like having a bathtub in the main bathroom instead of a shower, would have preferred a bigger sitting area etc, but over all I loved the house, and so HE Was saying to me that is how it is with HIM, once you are cleansed, for HIM to renew your mind, HE begins to chisel out the rough edges, as HE settles and turns your heart around to accommodate more of HIM, there is this restlessness you feel , that is because you begin to grow spiritually and, learn more about HIM, HIS ways, what HE cares about and,  most often it is different from what you have being taught or, come to know, you begin to unlearn the things you have learnt, provided your heart is right, all HE cares about is the state of your heart, not the religious rules and regulations, you’ve been taught or used to..

You can obey all those rules but if your heart is far from him it doesn’t matter

We spoke about the new age Christianity which is about obeying all these rules, only then will it be considered, you serving JEHOVAH but your heart is far from him, that’s why you can live in sin and be comfortable because you think you are doing everything else he desires going to church five times a week, singing in the choir, you are a worker in church, you pay tithes and offering and sow thousands of dollar seeds etc,  but HE is saying that’s not what I care about 

When your heart is right towards HIM, even when you sin you are not comfortable anymore, you are genuinely sorry, it’s an immediate effect, you repent you don’t justify it by any means.

And with time you begin to see as HE sees and have a full understanding of your father, who HE is and what matters to HIM.

He is so patient in teaching you, you learn at your pace, HE is never in a hurry, HE takes his time until the things that are not of him falls off completely, that’s how he molds you to be a better version of yourself, HE molds you to be like him and care about the things HE cares about.

You will not knowingly hurt HIS heart and, even when you do, you repent genuinely.

We have been taught to say lord I repent or have mercy upon me, with our mouths but not with our hearts.

To walk this walk of faith, you must deal with HIM from your heart and not just your mouth!