I was asking THE HOLY-SPIRIT why I fall asleep when I am in HIS presence?

And, I was made to understand that, when we are in HIS presence, all our worries disappear, also,  we can’t operate in certain realms in our physical state. HE takes us to different realms to teach and show us things we don’t know nor understand. In those realms, certain things are taken off of us and certain things are added to us because, certain things can’t be done to us in our physical state.

This won’t make sense to a lot of people because we are used to accessing GOD the way man has taught us. Just like the LORD told me when i started this walk with HIM, on this walk with ME, you will get to know things that are contrary to what you have known or taught. Today HE is saying to us:

Stop trying to be like others and stop worrying about what others are doing. Focus on what I have asked you to do. I relate with my children differently because I made you all unique. So what I demand from A is not what I will demand from you. Coming together in a gathering is to worship ME! Stop telling MY children how to behave with ME as I have put in you all, MY SPIRIT/LAWS and, they guide you once you are in alignment with ME. That’s why there is so much falsehood in MY supposed body, as everyone wants to teach without learning from ME or letting MY laws lead and guide them. Tell MY children how to access ME themselves because I AM in them, and you all have the same access to ME,  none has a better access, your titles don’t give you better access, every last one of you have the same access to ME and, stop teaching things that are irrelevant.

Stop judging yourselves based on another’s action. Yes, someone may pray ten hours a day but, are they truly in communication with ME or, are they doing it for show or,  being obedient to man’s religious rules and regulations?

Are you dry fasting every day because you were told to and, I WILL give you what you are asking of ME or, you are truly broken in your spirit? There is so much ignorance amongst MY children, as you all want someone to do the work for you! What I require of you is different from what I require of your brother or sister. When you learn to obey and do what is required of you, irrespective of what others say or do, you will get a better understanding of WHO I AM says the LORD.

The things you think bother GOD may not necessarily bother HIM, and vice versa. You need to create a bond with HIM and be in an intimate relationship with HIM, so you will get to know HIM for yourself and not just based on what others say. When someone says who is HE? You can boldly say, ‘I know who my GOD is,’ and you will not be deceived nor afraid. Remember, the enemy’s plan is to deceive us, even with the things we believe in. Just as he deceived Eve, he can deceive us too.

Come and walk with ME, If you walk with ME, you will learn MY ways, which may have been hard for you to find in the past. If you walk with ME, you will become one with ME, and you would know the way in which you should go. You will be able to receive all that I will reveal in this season. If you come with ME on this journey, you will be blessed beyond measures.

GOD is not as complicated as we think or believe. There’s no formula to relating with HIM. Go to HIM just the way you are, how you are feeling doesn’t matter. Come to HIM and lay it all on HIM and listen to what HE has to say to you. Most often, we lay it on HIM without listening to what HE has to say.

We are focused on building organizations and ‘ministries’ that GOD doesn’t care about. What HE cares about is saving souls by letting them know about the gift of SALVATION/GENUINE REPENTANCE and, how they can have an intimate relationship with HIM. GOD doesn’t care about labels and titles or names we give ourselves like, life coach, first apostle, etc. These labels are all limitations. Have an intimate relationship with HIM – learn to know HIM and obey those things that HE speaks to you personally. Most often we obey what everyone says but not HIM, because we can’t truly hear HIM or, too busy to listen!

No title or platform, no official rubber stamp is needed or required,  all we need to know HIM is accept “YESHUA AS YOUR SAVIOR, GENUINELY REPENT FROM YOUR HEART AND NOT JUST WITH YOUR MOUTH, OBEY AND SUBMIT TO HIS LEADINGS/WILL, ONE STEP AT A TIME”.

Know that the old is gone – shake off those former ways of thinking that cling like a nasty smell. I do not need more religious structures – only a multitude of people whose lives are simply laid down before ME, says the SPIRIT OF GRACE!!


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